Set of People Icons for Windows 7

Enhance software or Web projects with a set of several hundred people icons drawn in similar style, colors and gamma.

Developing user interface for a software project or designing Web sites? You’ll certainly find handy a few hundred icons of people of various backgrounds, social and professional occupation!

Market or custom-developed software without any icons representing humans is rare. CRM systems, medical and receptionist software, databases and even text processors use images of people in various forms. Icons representing patients, users, administrators, officers, doctors, teachers and students can be immediately associated with certain types of applications, while other icons such as people, male and female, clients and customers can be used in a variety of products.

People Icons for Windows 7

Let a single investment work for all of your projects, software and Web sites! The People Icons for Windows 7 set by Aha-Soft is as universal and diversified as icons come. Containing several hundred images in various sizes, resolutions, color and file formats, the set is ready to enhance any software or Web project.

The People Icons for Windows 7 set includes general people icons such as Male, Female and People, as well as images of people of various ethnic and social backgrounds. The set contains numerous icons representing sets of occupations in certain fields. For example, there are medical icons with Doctor, Physician, Dentist, Surgeon, Hospital Nurse, Optometrist, Immunologist, Cardiologist, Druggist, Psychologist, Receptionist, and quite a few others to represent just a single field. The collection includes occupations in healthcare, labor, education, science, engineering, restaurant business, government and security.

The entire set of People Icons for Windows 7 is crafted in Windows Windows 7 style, making the icons look modern and up-to-date. Each icon comes in two versions, with and without a shadow. All icons are supplied in sizes of 16×16, 24×24, 32×32, 48×48 and 256×256 pixels, in 256 colors and 32-bit True Color with transparency. All images come in BMP, ICO, PNG and GIF formats.

The set complements other collections of icons by, allowing you to choose several libraries and rest assured they work nicely together as they are all drawn in similar style, colors and gamma. In just a few clicks, you can obtain enough graphics to deliver software or Web products in a variety of fields.

Shade the Screens Considering the Completely New Windows Icons

UIs perform a outstanding function in improving the simplicity in addition to overall look. Move one step more deeply with the aid of the latest icons available here making ones apps exciting to work with and simple to get around, by having assistance from a few wisely created images to use via this web site.

Some MR. Fred R Barnard inside a publication in 1921 claimed one or two key phrases, “a picture is worth a thousand words”, actually he might not have recognized the specific importance with the words then, or even the guy did, as significantly more than 90 years after making this particular proclamation we attempt to seek out increasingly more methods to put it on. Barnard might have said it whilst relating the actual opportunity of graphic ads, nevertheless a couple of decade’s back it observed its way into the field of coding together with the advent of Graphic screens the moment illustrations or photos along with symbols changed re-writing complex command-line justifications.

Utilizing very simple, clear to see symbols will go far straight into making the life of any individual a lot easier. Simply by placing these types of designs not only do you make that easier for you to navigate, it genuinely makes all the interface more attractive.

You can get your own hands on more than seven-hundred these types of icons over here, every one of them at a price of ninety nine $ $ $ $. The image comes in a size comparable to a sq . of forty eight pixels that have a see-thorugh backdrop and also a pic of twenty-six by twenty-six pixels on the centre. these types of images appropriate for all your Microsoft Windows 8 plus Microsoft Windows phone applications may be found in the PNG format and come in all of 14 unique hues including the normal blue, red and green up to the more exclusive navy and light-red, and might be taken with or without the encompassing circles.
Personalize every page on your computer by using all of these expertly created icons and thus consider the system destination to some totally new levels; you possibly can change icons for those normal characteristics including redo, undo, back, refresh and many others. together with these types of creatively fascinating illustrations or photos. With the common types, you choose out of a whole bunch off distinctively intended photos that you’ll have a good time setting attributes to, you do have a cardiologist image, a new motor man symbol, a private eye symbol, some sort of auditor icon and doubtless the best angel image.

These types of icons, as I have cited above, are available in a very deployable kind, you have your hands on them as early as you make the transaction and you then have the freedom to use these in all of the likely ways. A beautiful user interface will make several hours on the job appear way simpler along with helps you save from getting weary at your inner levels by inquiring all those extensive group of commands. Straightforward navigation, appealing program and also smart features stay the hub of every software, with the aid of this particular bunch you have the interface and the routing part dealt with, the only issue that is avoiding you from making a cutting edge app is you. Get hold of these types of designs at this point and also revitalise the whole coding expertise.